PASSOOM PASSOOM Everywhere!!!!

I know, I know. I haven't written a blog post in ages. 

What I have been doing is lots of listing. Lots. As well as my 'flagship' store at, most of my stock is now in my eBay store. It doesn't end there. No way, Pedro! We also now have a store on Etsy and we are trialling ten of our top items on the US gift store Gifthead.

So how are sales going? Well, nearly all sales are coming from eBay as you might expect, being the corporate giant that it is. The customer base is already there. I may also look to listing items on Amazon but my initial attempt was in vain with my items not having barcodes (yet). The listing process on Amazon is by far the most complicated so I need to re-attempt when I have regained the stamina to do battle.

The number of sales is steady and are about as good as a new business could expect on a shoestring advertising budget and being attended to on a part-time basis. It's still early days and today I sold a t-shirt to a man in Nazareth - Jeez!

You may have also noticed that our logo has been changed slightly. I wasn't happy with my original, scrappy (lack of) effort and I wanted to make the cow more prominent. The new design, in my opinion, is much tighter and more 'iconic'. I hope you agree.

Fun and unique clothing printed with Vegan inks.

With regards to designs, I have been filling the gaps so that items that were only available in Unisex t-shirts now come in ladies fitted, men and ladies long sleeved and, where relevant, childrens. There is also a new I'm Vegan design so we now have a chicken to go with the pig, cow and lamb.

As if all that isn't enough, we have brought the hand drawn designs to our baby / toddler clothing and they are sooooooo cute!!!!

Hand drawn baby / toddler clothing designs from PASSOOM

The next blog post will hopefully report that our clothing is on Amazon, that I have added some cool new designs and that sales have gone berserk!!!!

One last thing. I have applied for PASSOOM to be a PETA approved company. PETA are one the largest animal welfare charities in the world. I have been a member for a number of years and the work they do for animals is, frankly, astounding. I will let you know if my application is accepted.

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