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Patience and other Concerns

Instead of making a list of where I am with my Passoom venture, I will record as a report in this blog post.

  • Website styled
  • Stock from previous store is now live on Passoom
  • Website SEO including fine tuning on Google webmaster tools
  • Facebook Page opened
  • Initial Facebook ads running
  • Twitter Account open
  • Instagram and Pinterest connected to Passoom
  • First blog written and posted

I seem to have got the core ingredients started. Consistency is important. Last night, I spent hours researching an app that puts my designs on a tshirt that is being modelled, like in a catalogue. The results were not as fruitful as I'd expected and the t-shirts with no model still looked better so they are staying for the moment. If anyone else doing a similar thing is looking for such an app, I recommend visiting the following free to use tool. (NOTE: This didn't work too well on my MAC browsers so I had to open windows 10 where it worked perfectly)> https://printaura.com/mockups/

With this tool, you can upload a t-shirt design, choose a garment style, choose a model (male / female / child) and select all colours in that style's range. You can then download a batch file with an image of your design for each colour. It's pretty awesome. However, for me, the quality of my photoshop generated images was slightly more realistic so, as I said, I'm sticking with that.

I am a very impatient person at the moment and, along with having to do my main design work, I have a million and one things to do with Passoom. While maintaining a social media presence, my focus going forward will be getting new and better designs. There is nothing that dries up creativity than intentionally sitting down to be creative. Ideas flow sub-consciously while you're 'busy making other plans'!

If you wish to keep an eye on any new ideas that float into my subconscious, keep visiting www.passoom.com and look out for new stock arriving to a device near you....hopefully!!! :-)

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